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Episode 19 – Create, communicate and charge for the value you deliver with Janene Liston – The Rising Empress

Janene is a highly trusted Pricing Consultant & Business Coach working with small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs across industries and the globe. She’s also a Certified Pricing Professional who has been helping businesses improve pricing and profits for over 25 years. Her mission is to empower small businesses to be more sustainably profitable. Helping them know the value of their offer and more effectively implement their pricing. Ensuring they can confidently create, communicate and charge for the value they deliver. She’s the host of Live with the Pricing Lady, the Podcast, a European public speaking Champion and a sought after podcast and radio show guest. Watch out, her passion for pricing is contagious.

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Episode 9 – Become a Wholehearted leader with Dusty Staub

In this episodes we are sharing what it takes to become a wholehearted leader from Dusty Staub that have over 31 years of experience working with CEO showing them how to integrate the 8 act of courage it requires to be a truly wholehearted leader.

Robert (Dusty) Staub is the Founder of EQIQ Leadership, a consultancy that for thirty-one (31) years has focused on developing wholehearted leaders and greater organizational effectiveness through Passion Powered Performance.  He is the author of four books, numerous blogs and more than 200 published articles.  Dusty is a warrior of the heart, inviting clients to step into ever more authentic, courageous and effective ways of living and leading.  He is a marital and family therapist by training, a fellow in the school of engineering at Virginia Tech and has served as a certified forum facilitator for the World Presidents Organization (WPO) and Young Presidents Organization (YPO).  Dusty has been married for thirty-three (33) years to Dr. Christine Staub, a holistic physician and they are the parents of three (3) whole-hearted, loving and powerful adult children and the grandparents of a graceful and wonderful granddaughter and grandson.

Episode 7 – ‘On The Empress Chair’ Saskia Kremer – Former nun turned business woman

This is an invitation to a 3 day FREE masterclass, Saskia and I are co-hosting in November 15th to 17th all about your Rising Empire!

DM us or @saskia.kremer or check our Bio for the link to register.

Today Podcast is all about, the power to embody the 2 duality of energies within us: the masculine and feminine energy, the part of the contemplation and action & creation within us.


Inspired by Mother Teresa and a former nun, Saskia has been working with people helping them discover their meaning in life and find their way back into the working field after illness or serious accidents.

In the last few years she specialized in working with professionals showing them how to work with greater ease and thrive in times of adversity.

She moved from Holland to Ireland in 2016.

Helping the people she works with avoid burnout in both their business and their personal lives is her life’s mission. She allows you to find that aligned action so you can create the business which serves you.

You will find Saskia, speaking and inspiring people at events and podcasts.

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Keyword of the day: business, contemplation, creation, masculine energy, feminine energy, action, realise, women, purpose, life, masterclass, visible, shying away, true self, allowing space, feel, hearing, traumas

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Episode 5 – ‘On The Empress Chair’ Tyler Skinner from women making waves

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